What is a Live Dealer Casino?

A live dealer casino is one of the latest innovations in the online gambling world. Many gamblers will be used to going into a casino and seeing electronic roulette terminals which are connected around an actual wheel which is being spun with the image being showed via video link to the screen in front of them. Well, a live dealer casino takes this concept one stage further by providing a video link which dictates the results of the games and allows players to view the action happening for real rather than relying on the Random Number Generator to determine the outcome. It gives players much greater confidence that the games in the online casino are fair as they can see what is happening right in front of their eyes.

Many online casino sites such as High Stakes Casino have a live dealer section which can be seen by clicking here which allows those playing for high limits to have faith that the large amounts of money which they are wagering will not be taken by a Random Number Generator which may not be fair in a little online casino with no reputation or trust. Seeing the results of the game occur in real time leaves little room for doubt as it is just like being sat there in the actual casino itself in terms of the outcome of the game.

A live dealer casino is not just limited to roulette though by any means. Games such as online blackjack are played in exactly the same way. In fact, blackjack is more interactive as a player will be sat at a virtual table and will have to click on an action in response to the cards they are dealt and the available next course of action. Live dealer blackjack can be strange at first when a real live dealer is asking you what you wish to do with regards to your hand, but is definitely aq must for any fan of blackjack. Once you try it you are unlikely to go back to playing blackjack online in the traditional sense (i.e. using the computer gaming software) ever again!

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