Online Casino Promotions and Rewards

Just as there are an enormous number of casinos located around the world, so too are there a multitude of online casinos on the internet, each vying for the deposits of players. As a result of this competition an online casino needs to somehow try and make itself stand out from the rest, with the most common tactic being through reward schemes, bonuses and promotions.

Of course there are other methods of attracting business such as promoting the fairness of the games to make a prospective player feel more comfortable at this particular online casino than another, or offering more games for them to play; whilst all of them will offer the traditional games such as blackjack, slots, video poker and roulette for instance, there exists a whole range of variations on these themes with interesting and amusing adaptations and twists on an original concept. For those who spend a lot of time gambling in an online casino these different games can often prove to be a welcome change from the norm, although often these games can have a higher house edge than the "usual" casino games as they are less well understood and far less strategy has been devised and made available for players to learn and increase their chances of winning money.

Along with these methods though, probably the most primary method an online casino utilises to attract new players and get existing ones to deposit more money with them is to offer promotions and rewards. These online casino promotions and rewards schemes can be just as varied and complex as the variations of classic casino games mentioned in the paragraph above, but will typically fall into one of the categories below:

  • Deposit Bonuses - Players are giving a certain percentage or set amount of money by the online casino in accordance with the amount they have deposited with them in a single transaction. Typically, the higher the amount of the deposit the larger the bonus amount.
  • Sign-up Bonus - Some online casinos give players a small amount of free money when they register and download the casino software in order to encourage them to try out the real money casino games and hopefully use this as a starting point from which to deposit a larger amount of the own money in the not-too-distant future.
  • Comp Points - To encourage regular play most internet casinos track how much a player is wagering and reward them with a tiny amount per dollar spent. With regular play this can add up to quite a nice amount of cash which can then be used as a wager.

  • Read The Small Print on Online Casino Bonuses

    Whatever the bonus and reward scheme on offer it is always essential to check the terms and conditions in the small print as many have certain qualifying criteria. A particular annoyance to players is that bonuses often have restrictions on when they can be cashed-out, as a player may need to wager so many multiples of the bonus amount before it is eligible for withdrawal. Offers and promotions are also coming and going all the time so it is important to check that it is still valid before making that deposit.

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